Productive Primary Care is a GP led organisation that provides experience, training and expertise to the NHS and other healthcare organisations in order to improve efficiency, patient experience and outcomes.

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Doctor first has seen A&E VISITS REDUCED by   20%
Working with over 150 practices throughout the UK, we bring control to a GP's daily workload whilst increasing patients helped by 50% and reducing A&E visits by up to 20%.
730,000  patients covered by DOCTOR FIRST system
Save £30,000 per GP per annum

Over the coming years we are all going to have to make efficiency savings. The national QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention) programme recognises that productivity is integrally linked to the quality of the care that we provide. In other words, without high quality we cannot improve our productivity.

Recognising primary care as the cornerstone of the NHS, PPC Ltd works to identify the potential in organisations and individuals to deliver the quality service expected in today’s NHS climate of harmonising policy with the practicalities of everyday working life. In doing so we help you to improve the quality of your life and that of your team. We enable you to improve your ability to plan ahead rather than fire-fight, release time to allow your innovative skills to blossom and give you the chance to look at all aspects of your patients' health including prevention.

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“As a result of the work done with Productive Primary Care (PPC), we have changed the way we work and improved access for patients by 200%”
Mr Chris Thompson, Stag Medical Practice, Rotherham

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