Master Class

Enabling individual practices within Clinical Commissioning Groups to be in a position to deliver real change in the new NHS environment will be a challenging role. We’re of a view that, to be effective, GP Practices must change the way in how they meet patient demand from that of a traditional practice.

This series of four half day master classes will provide managers and clinicians with the knowledge and confidence to manage demand and reshape how services are delivered. The master classes are run by a GP and experienced managers, delegates will be challenged to think about the everyday inertia and behaviours in general practice and by changing these demonstrate how productivity gains and efficiency savings can be realised.

Delegates will learn how a practice in NHS East Midlands has produced the lowest A&E attendance and admissions through re designing their services and meeting demand with use of fewer resources.

Master Class Sessions

1. The ABCD of Understanding Access Improvement.

Changing a practice appointment system can be one of the most challenging achievements to make in a practice. It has an effect on everyone from GP, staff and patients with all of them trying to protect their own part of the system.

This half day master class is aimed at clinicians and managers to help with a starting point in understanding the theory behind access improvement and how to apply it in practice. Delegates will be shown ways in which to manage patient demand within their own surgery and how they can measure this using PPC’s diagnostic tool.

Four key areas will focus on activity, backlog, capacity and demand.

2. Identifying Productivity and Efficiency in General Practice- Doctor First System

This master class will highlight the practices’ responsibility of being part of a consortium by focussing on demand led productivity and efficiency and how wasted resources can be an effect of inefficient appointment systems.

Delegates will be shown how to move from their current system to a new appointment system with examples of how this can be achieved. We will discuss a system called Dr First which is not only a proven system to improve patient access to a GP or nurse but statistically shown to reduce self referrals to A&E and currently bucks the trend in GP self referrals which are rapidly rising in other practices across the UK.

Using Productive Primary Care’s diagnostic tool we can demonstrate how much it costs to run different appointment systems and how to achieve this. Taking into account the cost of each system we will look at what efficiency savings can be made by meeting patient demand on a daily basis.

3. Productive Receptionist Training

A busy GP practice relies on having an excellent reception and back office team. The image that is presented in reception will leave a lasting impression. 

This interactive half day master class is for reception and back office staff and can be useful for either existing or new staff. It will explore the evolving role of the receptionist covering communication skills, customer focus, and how to identify learning styles and team roles.


What the previous delegates said

"We were as cynical as any-one else about Doctor First helping with workload and capacity. Our first 6 weeks have been a revelation. We get daily information on demand which will helps with planning. Patients get to speak to their Doctor very easily and care is planned so that appropriate appointment lengths are booked. This means very little waiting, much quieter waiting rooms, satisfied patients and less hassled receptionists and doctors. We weren't sure whether to believe it would work as claimed by Dr Clay, but it has, and we would thouroughly recommend the system to other practices.

I spoke to Dr Clay at the Riviera Centre in Torquay and was sceptical about the 3 mins per call. While it may be a little longer, I have to say the system is working brilliantly for us so far. We are getting about 650 calls per week for 8,000 patients so a bit below your average estimate but we can monitor this as we approach autumn and winter and adjust accordingly. We are all feeling very positive about the change and I just wanted to thank-you for convincing us to try it down here, with the help of the CCG."

- Dr Phil Melluish

"Highly relevant, excellent food for thought."

- Dr Lucy Thomson, GP Salters Medical Practice

"Very thought provoking! Can't wait to see the results for our practice."

- Sue Lloyd, St John's House

"One of the better sessions I have attended, left feeling positive about outcome rather than negative."

- Sue Blackshaw, Manager, Severn Valley Practice

"Superb - thank you so much."

- Julie Miller, Practice Manager, Bromley

"Should have been given to the Doctors at their Academic half day!"

- Barry Gent, Practice Manager

To take advantage of these master classes in your area please call 0800 6990184 alternatively e-mail

“As a result of the work done with Productive Primary Care (PPC), we have changed the way we work and improved access for patients by 200%”
Mr Chris Thompson, Stag Medical Practice, Rotherham

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