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With the ever increasing demand on primary care and alternative services such as A&E, GP Practices are finding their systems under immense pressure. We realise how difficult it can be to balance changing an appointment system with the pressures of being ready to meet the constant changes in the NHS. On top of all that you still have to deliver a patient focussed and centred service every day.

That is why we have developed a tool that will take the strain and pressure away from you and provide a framework for change that you can present to your peers or GP partners as a solution to your current issues.

The Primary Care Productivity Tool is designed to help practices identify areas for improvement in their appointment systems. Having a clear understanding of the activity, backlog, capacity and demand in any service is essential to deliver modern, effective and patient focussed services. Accurate data on these four key measures is essential to understanding how any service is performing and to identify where improvement is needed. The mismatch between variation in demand and capacity is one of the principle reasons why queues develop and services are falsely designed around activity rather than need.

The tool will take you through a process of looking at:Web Based Tool Screen Shot

  • Activity
  • Backlog
  • Capacity
  • Demand

You will need to gather data for the four sections and carry out small audits for the demand. All resources required are included in the spreadsheet. It then shows which system based on the figures entered will best suit your practice in terms of  capacity and demand.

The web site is designed so it can continually be used by practices to monitor access and ensure that demand is always being met and that a backlog of appointments is not building up. You can enter different scenarios for example changing the number of patients seen per session or new demand data to check if you are meeting your workload.  If you are thinking of employing an extra partner or nurse the tool can calculate how many extra sessions are required and on what days of the week needed to meet demand. It can often show that by simply matching capacity and demand you don't always need an extra person.

Based on our knowledge of GP appointment systems and patient flows we can determine how to help you set up your appointment system by matching capacity with demand. The tool will present the findings showing how many doctors and nurses are required on each day of the week to meet demand. 

The tool is only available as part of support with Productive Primary Care support programme The ABCD of Access Solutions. For further information on working directly with us please click here.

“As a result of the work done with Productive Primary Care (PPC), we have changed the way we work and improved access for patients by 200%”
Mr Chris Thompson, Stag Medical Practice, Rotherham

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