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Dr Stephen Clay and Dillon Sykes co-founded Productive Primary Care Ltd in 2009. The idea behind the organisation was to develop solutions for the NHS, and in particular General Practice to help respond to the ever changing landscape and challenges ahead.

Since then, they have worked with over a 100 organisations to improve efficiency, productivity and patients experience. The remit of support can vary from a 2-day initial project for one client, up to a 12-month large-scale programme across a whole health community. Their solutions and support are created through their own day-to-day lives spent working and delivering services in the NHS. 

The joint approach of clinical and managerial support allows them to address the specific needs and offer broader expertise to clients. Their key to success is to listen before offering a support that gives the clients reassurance that they are addressing the specific requirements.

From April 2013 a new era in the NHS will begin where General Practitioners will become responsible for not only improving patients outcomes but also that of commissioning (and de-commissioning) services and balancing the financial books of Clinical Commissioning Groups. 

Productive Primary Care Ltd has a workforce that can provide solutions that work naturally with your teams to support continuity whilst ensuring you are no longer standing still in the ever-moving NHS landscape

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“As a result of the work done with Productive Primary Care (PPC), we have changed the way we work and improved access for patients by 200%”
Mr Chris Thompson, Stag Medical Practice, Rotherham

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