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Dr Stephen clay

Dr Steve Clay - Clinical Director

Dr Clay is the Clinical Director of Productive Primary Care Ltd and is a trainer for their Quality Improvement Skills for Primary Care course, a quality based program that gives organisations the tools, knowledge and generic skills to analyse the root causes of problems and overcome them.

Dr Clay is a motivational speaker with significant experience in engaging teams to lead innovation and improvement. He is a GP based in Leicestershire and the Primary Care Advisor to the NHS East Midlands Strategic Health Authority. He and his team are in the vanguard of improving GP access. He travels the country widely advising practices how to improve their patients’ access whilst reducing their own workload. “The trick is to remember that every practice is different,” he says, “There isn’t a one size fits all solution. The answer lies in understanding how each practice operates and what they want out of their working life for themselves because it is only by having a happy, motivated team that one can truly have high quality care for their patients.”

Dillon Sykes, Managing Director

Dillon Sykes - Managing Director

Dillon is an experienced and proven senior manager with over 23 years service to the NHS providing a sound knowledge and practical implementation of NHS policy. He has an excellent track record of delivering quality improvement programmes across Primary Care involving both Secondary Care and Social Services, ranging from small team change to large organisational transformation. Has provided change management and motivational skills across health communities in areas of improving GP access, commissioning, integrated care and clinical pathways. Has a strong belief in motivating people and organisations by demonstrating an enthusiasm and understanding to deliver demonstrable results in improving patient and clinician outcomes.

Sharon Clay - Director

Prior to working in primary care, Sharon had extensive experience in industry in organisation development and change management having held a senior role as Executive Vice President in Human Resources.

Since 2007, Sharon has been the Managing Partner for two Leicestershire based GP practices and has now developed extensive knowledge and experience of leading teams in primary care in improving effectiveness against an increasingly challenging financial climate. She uses this experience to provide training and guidance to other GP practices in improvement techniques.

Dr Alison Graham

Dr Alison Graham - Clinical Trainer

Dr Graham is a Newcastle graduate who somehow found herself in a creative, forward thinking practice near Peterborough! Their ethos is to provide the best possible care that Primary Care can offer to its patients. She has been a partner almost 20 years and Managing partner at Yaxley Group Practice (YGP) for the last 3 years. Her current role is trying to redesign how that excellent care is delivered to make their high standards sustainable in the 'escalating demand versus shrinking resources future' that GPs all face. YGP is a large (list size over 15 000) semi-rural training practice and went live with Doctor First April 2012.
She has experience in setting up and running the practice's clinicaltrialsdepartment whichestablished an excellentreputationfor quality. She also encouraged the practice to move a pharmacy into thebuilding then built up the business until it wassuccessfullysold. Withher husbandshe owns a property business 'The Buy 2 Let Doctors'.
She says 'Being a GP is a privilege and the medicine part of my job has never lost its fascination for me. I havealwayshad aninterestthough in the business aspect of General Practiceand realised that good care needs good processes behind it.Moving to Doctor First gave me an opportunity to lead a great team through significant transformational change and has been very rewarding (although challenging at times!) Now I want to share our experiences and ideas with other practices to make their journey easier, hence my involvement with Doctor First training.'

Dale Atkins - Associate

Dale is a highly experienced associate of Productive Primary Care Ltd with over 20 years of experience working as a senior health professional within the NHS prior to going freelance.

Dale’s primary care experience is both varied and extensive. He has worked with many GP practices across the country, with all practice staff groups and in a wide range of project areas, including: - GP fundholding liaison manager (monitoring and joint commissioning) - Primary Care Group and Primary Care Trust establishment - primary care development work in the fields of ‘Coronary Heart Disease’ and ‘Depression in Older People’ - GP Out-of-Hours Co-operative (development and implementation) -Practice Based Commissioning - business continuity planning - pandemic flu planning - introduction of Summary Care Records - preparation support for CQC - and more recently adopting a key role in data analysis and support linked to GP demand management systems.

Linda Sykes - Programme Coordinator/Office Support

Linda has been with PPC Ltd for over 12 months and brings a wealth of public sector experience in dealing with client queries and managing programmes of work. Her role allows us to ensure we offer a professional service to all of our clients. Linda is part time in the office and can be contacted Monday, Tuesday and Friday morning.

“As a result of the work done with Productive Primary Care (PPC), we have changed the way we work and improved access for patients by 200%”
Mr Chris Thompson, Stag Medical Practice, Rotherham

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