Moving from traditional patient access Doctor First

Doctor First is not merely about a GP picking up a phone and calling a patient back 
it is much much more, for us it is about a transition to a new system and way in which we can safely and professionally help you move your business to better manage demand.

If you choose to let us help you move to a new system (not just Doctor First) we consider a whole range of things such as how staff and patients will accept it, a move in culture by working differently, training needs and sustainability. We also realise what it is like to work in general practice and so offer a personal approach that helps knowing we are usually just a phone call away.

We have helped many practices, below are a few thoughts from practices on the Doctor First system and our work.

Case Studies (Click on GP Practice below)

Denburn Medical Practice

Denburn Medical Practice Patient Satisfaction Report

Davenal House

Salford Health Matters

Salford Health Matters CQC Press Release

Wellway Medical Group

Yaxley Group Practice

We are now getting large amounts of enquries each month regarding support for introducing Doctor First. We have helped over 300 practices across the UK.  Our systems now covers more than 730,000 patients across UK.

GP Practice Feedback

Channel View Surgery, Torbay

"We were as cynical as any-one else about Doctor First helping with workload and capacity. Our first 6 weeks have been a revelation. We get daily information on demand which will helps with planning. Patients get to speak to their Doctor very easily and care is planned so that appropriate appointment lengths are booked. This means very little waiting, much quieter waiting rooms, satisfied patients and less hassled receptionists and doctors. We weren't sure whether to believe it would work as claimed by Dr Clay, but it has, and we would thouroughly recommend the system to other practices.

I spoke to Dr Clay at the Riviera Centre in Torquay and was sceptical about the 3 mins per call. While it may be a little longer, I have to say the system is working brilliantly for us so far. We are getting about 650 calls per week for 8,000 patients so a bit below your average estimate but we can monitor this as we approach autumn and winter and adjust accordingly. We are all feeling very positive about the change and I just wanted to thank-you for convincing us to try it down here, with the help of the CCG."

- Dr Phil Melluish

Cherry Mead Surgery, High Wycombe

"Clinically we're now seeing problems which are pretty new, very few which have been brewing for two weeks, and some nasty things which would have been left for two weeks under the old system when they should have been dealt with right away."

- Dr Kristina King, Senior Partner

The Park Practice, London

"Just thought I would send you an update on how the new system is going.

Can’t quite believe how smoothly it has gone, and the doctors are really liking it! We have even had some (even those who were a little apprehensive!) sessions that have been half empty with face to face appointments The most interesting thing is that the very few pre-bookable appointments we have for next week, aren’t even full yet.

So, all in all, so far so good, and hopefully it will continue!"

- Jane Cooper, Practice Manager

Davenal House Surgery, Bromsgrove

"We felt that the support and training helped us enormously with 'Doctor First'.

Dillon is very approachable and accessible, giving us many tips and advice which was over and above our training package."

- Kate Smith, Practice Manager

“As a result of the work done with Productive Primary Care (PPC), we have changed the way we work and improved access for patients by 200%”
Mr Chris Thompson, Stag Medical Practice, Rotherham

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